Hello I am Karen and I am a multi Award Winning mindset coach and clinical hypnotherapist, based in North Leeds specialising within the areas of Anxiety and Weight Loss.

I work with clients face to face and UK wide via Zoom or Skype.

I know EXACTLY what it is like to have ANXIETY take over, drain you, terrify you and steal from your life. As a busy mum of 3 children (including my gorgeous eldest with Down Syndrome), I decided that I no longer had the time to let anxiety steal my sanity and impact on both mine and my family’s life any longer. I am here to tell you from both personal experience and my success with clients that change is always possible, and it can be easier and quicker than you can ever imagine.

Having suffered from extreme health anxiety and panic attacks for several years, I used a combination of hypnotherapy, tools and powerful, simple brain re-training techniques to become completely and happily free from ANXIETY (and have been blissfully ANXIETY FREE for over 3 years). These are my secret success tools, which I now share with my clients!

My style is pragmatic, straight talking, massively motivational and solution focused. I mix the necessary compassion for clients, passion for change, but with a kick up the bum as and when needed. We will work very much as a team, finding solutions, challenging irrational beliefs (and I had many of them previously!), making you feel immeasurably better, changing your outlook and positively transforming your life. Full cooperation and commitment is needed from all my clients and I have your back always and will support you 100% of the way.